Social Distance the Way Nature Intended

In 2020, the international coronavirus pandemic has changed the daily routines of people across the world. Most essential activities have either two choices: go the online route or maintain social distancing in person.

For those of us who enjoy or even profit from recreational outdoor activities, this might sound like a nightmare at first glance — but did you know that the fishing industry as a whole has skyrocketed? There are more people fishing today, and taking advantage of social distancing the way nature intended than ever before. In the open space of nature, social distancing while doing things such as fishing is not only possible, it’s also a great way to spend time in quarantine.

Most U.S states have approved fishing as a safe activity during quarantine, just as long as you take some key safety precautions. This includes:

• Stay six (6) feet away from other people in all directions; you can measure this using your
fishing rod.
• Drive alone or only with your healthy loved ones; avoid carpooling with anyone whose health
status is unknown.
• Don’t share your fishing gear with anyone, everyone should be using their own gear. Be sure
to sanitize and wash your gear properly before and after using it.
• Only fish outdoors if you are healthy; anyone showing symptoms of coronavirus, such as
shortness of breath, high body temperature, or coughing, should be staying home until
they’ve tested negative.
• Follow all other CDC guidelines, including wearing a mask at all times, avoiding touching
your face, using hand sanitizer, and washing your hands properly with alcohol-based soap.

Even though the experts have stated that going by these guidelines is perfectly safe, many people are still hesitant to spend too much time outdoors during this pandemic. Luckily, because of this, nature has had a lot of time to recalibrate with less human intervention – that means that the largemouth and smallmouth bass at Chickamauga Lake are biting now more than ever! What better time to take advantage of a day on the water?

The results are in: don’t feel like you have to stay cooped up indoors during the quarantine. As long as you take all the expert-approved safety measures, travel safely, and enjoy a beautiful fishing trip on Lake Chickamauga.

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